World Wide Scroll Getting Started Guide

After you've purchased your root folder, a WWS Rep will reach out to you via the email you provided at checkout to help onboard your site to your WWS folder.

While you wait for their email, follow this guide to get your site ready for the World Wide Scroll.

How to Get Your Site Ready for the World Wide Scroll

The World Wide Scroll (WWS) is designed to be a more intelligent, offline, and human-first alternative to the World Wide Web. As you prepare your site for the WWS, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Utilize the Scroll Language: Scroll is the primary language of the WWS, designed to be simple and expandable for both humans and AIs. While you can use plain HTML, Markdown, or any language that compiles to HTML, using Scroll will streamline many other requirements. Learn more about Scroll at
  1. Open Source and Public Domain: The WWS is designed for a post-copyright world and all content on the WWS is open-source and public domain.
  1. Leverage Git for Site Management: Unlike the traditional web, the WWS uses Git for site transfers. Your site must be stored in a publicly accessible Git repository. Platforms like GitHub and GitLab offer free hosting for open-source projects. Your repo should have a branch named wws where your compiled site is written to. ScrollHub (beta) is another fast option you could use.
  1. Design for Offline Use: Your site should function fully offline. Avoid using external JavaScript, images, or assets that require an internet connection. Ensure all necessary files are included in your Git repo. For large files, such as videos, linking to external sites is acceptable, but avoid adding unnecessarily large files directly to your repo.
  1. No Ads or Trackers: While commercial sites and sponsorships are welcome on the WWS, any form of JavaScript trackers or advertising is prohibited. Ensure your site is free from ads and trackers to maintain the integrity and privacy of the WWS.

If you need any help with these guidelines, share your issue on or r/WorldWideScroll or Twitter.

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll help create a more intelligent, offline-first, and human-centric internet. Welcome to the World Wide Scroll!

Install the WWS client

git clone cd wws npm install --omit=dev npm install --omit=dev -g . wws list # Fetch a few sites: wws fetch scroll breck pldb wws open

The WWS client currently requires Node.js. More clients coming soon.